"Opposite Lives" presented to the press

On February 8, the press presentation of the new SIC telenovela, with SP Televisão production, "Opposite Lives", was held.
The Kick-off of "Opposite Lives" was held at the SP Televisão studios.
With a cast full of stars, the plot has Joana Santos, Sara Matos, Diogo Amaral, João Jesus and Renato Godinho in the lead roles.
"Opposite Lives" tells a story about the world of sport, fashion and doping, centered on the villain, EVA LEMOS, the woman with a well-established life that changes radically after the disappearance of her husband, MARCO VAZ.
Overnight, Eve is evicted from her home, runs out of money (taken by her husband) and loses work at the anti-doping agency (also because of Marco). As if that were not enough ... she discovers that she is pregnant.
The first episode premieres in April, not to be missed!