Near Distance


NEAR DISTANCE is a series about the distance between people, objectives and dreams:

The distance between what we want and what we can achieve, between what we want and what we need. The distance between the need for security and the impetus for seeking adventure, between what we are and what we want to be, between what we were and what we will become; between what the world does to us and what we do to the world.

The action takes place mainly in Lisbon, reflecting the actual reality of Portugal, a multicultural country living a situation of social and economic insecurity and values crises.

The way this panorama affects human relationships is the catalyst of the narrative. The events override the personal wills of each character, forcing successive and sudden changes of each other personal plans. Emigration, the loss and the resumption, are constant themes.

The core of the series is the family: the transformations that the current crisis, austerity, social instability, the fear and the threat of terrorism, provoked in family environment, which remain as the only refuge.

NEAR DISTANCE is a drama with a 'touch' of thriller, this series reflects the fear and the risk of the middle class extinction, where people of different generations struggle to get more out of life refusing to lose the little they still have.

The shadow of the austerity results in a metaphor of loss and the loss of fear, at all levels. The intense confusion, delirium and disorientation push each of the characters in to situations that transform them to be more than what they would like to become.


32 Episodes x 42 Minutes




SP Televisão




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