Old Friends


Three old friends, between seventy and eighty years old, who have known each other since they were children. José lives with his daughter, his son in-law and his nine-year-old grandson Pedro. His one joy in life is his grandson. Carlos is retired and spends his time doing odd jobs. Matias is a widower who lives alone, almost abandoned, as his son is abroad. All three have very strong and expressive personalities, yet are united by a great friendship.

When José is placed in a home, his friends Carlos and Matias cook up a plan to get him out of the institution. They invade the home and take José from this depressing environment. The three of them know they cannot go home and decide to spend some time at Matias' house in central Portugal. Already in mid-journey, they find out that José's grandson Pedro has been travelling with them during the escape. Pedro doesn't want to leave his grandfather and insists on continuing the trip with the three friends. And so begins the great adventure through a country that has seen a lot of changes in recent years but still retains its unique beauty.

Having rediscovered a thirst for life and adventure, the group of friends settles in Matias' native village and from there sets off across the country, rediscovering the Portugal of today. Throughout the episodes they visit various regions, passing through cities, towns, villages, beaches and mountains. The adventures they face help showcase the natural beauty, monuments and points of interest in each region.


26 Episodes x 45 Minutes




SP Televisão




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Two Nominations for Outstanding International Producer – Patrícia Sequeira / Cristina Soares
Two Nominations for Outstanding European Producer – Patrícia Sequeira / Cristina Soares
Two Nominations for Outstanding Actor – Orlando Costa / João Maria Pinto
Nomination for Outstanding Actress – Margarida Cardeal

2013 | 12th SICHUAN TV FESTIVAL - International "Panda Awards" Awards
Official Selection in the category of TV Series