Frozen Memories


Frozen Memories tells the story of Rosa, who suffers from retrograde amnesia, and Narcisa, who tries to take advantage of her sister’s accident to keep all the wealth she built in the last decade. It also tells the story of Daniel, Rosa’s husband who becomes a total stranger to her overnight.

Will Daniel be able to win the love of his life back? Or will he end up losing her to Marcelo, the doctor who saves Rosa’s life after the accident and with whom she will fall in love?

These are the two main plots of Frozen Memories the telenovela that is recovering a theme which has been addressed in fiction, in films such as "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, "Memento” or "The Vow”: memory loss and, in this case, the consequences it brought to the life story of Rosa, Narcisa, Daniel and Marcelo, amongst so many others.


300 Episodes x 45 Minutes




SP Televisão




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