Heart of Gold


What should we do when our worst enemy is also the person we love the most?

Is the story of MARIA, who is willing to do everything for her daughter CATARINA.

The most painful sacrifice starts when ANTÓNIO, an old boss of Maria who has just discovered he might be reaching the end of his life decides to atone for his past and include her in his will. His aim is to somehow compensate Maria and make sure that she and Catarina won’t have to go through more difficulties and can forget the hardships of the past. This past carries a secret that only a few people know about and that Maria wants to hide at all costs: Catarina is Antonio’s granddaughter, the result of a fleeting relationship between Maria with his son HENRIQUE.

It is in Azores that António decides to reveal to Maria that he knows the truth. One of his last wishes, which he insists to fulfil before he dies, is to return to the homeland of his late wife, where they met and fell in love, and carry out the promise of climbing Pico Mountain. This is where the story begins. Covering some of the most beautiful landscapes of Azores and following the route to the top of the mountain, we witness the path of António where he reconciles with his conscience, strengthens the relationship with Maria and says goodbye to life.

Catarina, whose angelical face belies her greedy and reckless nature upon, finding out that her future is about to change with the death of António decides not to wait any longer and murders him - her own grandfather, something that she is unaware of. Upon learning of this crime, Maria has to decide between becoming an accomplice or to report her daughter.

Meanwhile, once in possession of the assets that have been left to her in ANTÓNIO’s will, Maria has to face the firm and malicious opposition of Henrique, a power-hungry man who is convinced that she and her daughter (his daughter too) are money-grabbing opportunists. He will not give up until he can kick her out of the house and of the fortune left by his late father.

All of a sudden, Maria sees her life change and goes – in the eyes of everybody - from a humble and poor woman to a stakeholder in a vineyard that produces the famous Douro wine "Quinta do Valle Real" and a modern and important clinic in Oporto at the forefront of immunology. But despite all this she remains close to her old friends - Vítor and Fernanda, people from a low-income area of Oporto - and has to deal with heart-rending reality of knowing that her daughter, for whom she is willing to do and sacrifice anything, is an unscrupulous, greedy, manipulative murderer who will stop at nothing in order to achieve her goals.

People will say that Catarina is like her father, Henrique, who lives to make money and flaunt it - the exact opposite of his younger brother - DUARTE, who enjoys the simple things in life and lives by a code of honour and fundamental values.

Duarte is in charge of wine production at Quinta do Douro and he is in love with JOANA. They are two characters undergoing deep changes in their lives: Duarte goes through a painful divorce and Joana goes through life missing her recently deceased husband – a woman who has seen her beliefs shaken forever and learned that you cannot plan your life like a laboratory experiment.

But the love between Duarte and Joana, the novel’s romantic couple, will resist everything and will make us dream, because two people who have fallen and risen have the strength to fight for what it takes to be happy.

Among the landscapes of Oporto and the Douro Wine Region, Heart Of Gold is a novel about the human condition. Drama and comedy mixed in a realistic, intense way that relates the audience’s own worlds and portrays the Northern Portuguese people in all its passion and vibrancy as well as its distinctive landmarks and customs: Port wine, textiles, science, the Douro River, pickup football.

A novel that bares the emotions that move us and provides insight about our moral boundaries. What is each one of us willing to do to achieve one’s goals?


352 Episodes x 41 Minutes




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2015 | The FreshTV (Fiction) conference @ MipCom
Selected to be presented for the first time

2016 | New York Festivals - World's Best TV & Films
Gold World Medal in the category of Telenovela