Living Passion


After having been thrown in jail for a crime he did not commit, Miguel decides to fight to repair the injustice done to him and win back the love of his life.

Miguel and Luísa, have been in love with one another since they were in their teens. They were planning to get married and make all the dreams they had together come true. However, everything changes radically during a vacation in South Africa, when Luísa's father dies. Zé, Miguel's best friend, an ambitious man and also in love with Luísa, hides from everyone that he was the murderer and accuses Miguel of the crime. Convicted to a prison sentence of ten years for murder, Miguel is prevented from returning to Portugal and never sees the woman of his life again.

When he returns to Algarve after completing the sentence, Miguel finds Luísa married to Zé and the mother of a child, Catarina, whom he discovers to be his daughter. Miguel decides to stay in Portugal and fight for Catarina, willing to recover the ten years he lost of her life.

While trying to put his life back on track again, Miguel finds out that the autopsy was forged and that the cause of death was not the cause for which he was convicted. Miguel thus begins a struggle to discover who the real assassin is, during which he feels several times in a dead end.

Luísa and Miguel, now on opposite sides, fight against love that, despite everything, still feel for each other. Against this passion is also Zé, willing to do everything to stay with Luísa and Catarina and destroy Miguel.

The determination of a man who fights to right an injustice and be able to win back ten years of the life he lost;

The resolution of a woman, hard set to protect her daughter;

An unquenchable love, born in adolescence and strong enough to resist time and all that is thrown in its path;

Astounding revelations following an investigation into the disappearance of a child;

A gripping, thrilling tale of love, perseverance and resilience of men and women who will do their utmost to achieve what they believe in. 


300 Ep. x 42'






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