More Than Love


Out of love for her siblings, Clara has to face Francisca, her stepmother, and sacrifice the passion of a lifetime.

Francisca always wanted the life and fortune that her half-sister, Laura, had. She ordered her death, married her husband, and adopted her younger stepdaughters. Now, she plans to have her husband killed, but is found out by Clara, Laura's oldest daughter, who denounces her to the authorities. Nobody believes in Clara and her father ends up kicking her out of from home. At the same time, her younger brother is in debt to a criminal and Clara finds herself forced to work for him to protect her brother. She gets away from the whole family and ends her relationship with Manel, her great passion.

The moment her father dies and one of her sisters disappears, she immediately suspects about Francisca and will not give up until she knows the truth about her father's death and her sister's disappearance. But Francisca is a respected psychiatrist and Clara is now a criminal whom no one will believe.

When the plot begins, Clara reencounters Manel, but it's too late for both of them. They are on opposite sides of the law: Clara has a Police record, and Manel is a Police detective who has become Francisca’s obsession... 

The fight between stepmother and stepdaughter, both in love with the same man and willing to do everything to reach their goals;

The touching effort of a woman to protect her younger siblings;

An impossible love, with both lovers on opposite sides of the law;

Suspense and mystery in the investigation of a teenager's disappearance;

An exciting story about personal breakthrough.


300Ep x 42'




SP Televisão




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2017 | 6th New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards

BRONZE World Medal in the Category of TELENOVELA