Someone Lost


Will there be limits to a mother's love?

Is a mother's gesture always an act of love or can it be monstrous?

MADALENA, a wealthy and powerful businesswoman in the health care sector, feels guilty for the death of her only grandson, which happened accidentally in the pool of the family house, when the boy was in her care. The death of the child leads LEONOR, MADALENA's only daughter, to madness and despair, endangering her career, as well as her marriage to the ambitious BRUNO. The pain of LEONOR is even greater because, due to complications during the delivery of her son, she can not carry any other pregnancy until the end.

Seeing her daughter lose herself, and with the support of her husband, RODRIGO, stepfather of LEONOR, MADALENA proposes that the daughter use her belly to generate a biological child for LEONOR and BRUNO, through artificial insemination. But this gestation from mother to daughter, which should be the greatest act of maternal love, besides being illegal, reveals an unique monstrosity.

A history of emotions in the field, which addresses fractured, pertinent and current issues of society. With Cascais as a backdrop, we witness the daily life of human characters, with qualities and defects. This is a story of people, people who hit and miss, love and hate, in which there is always someone who wins and someone who loses.