Water Mirror


At the age of 24, RITA gets access to the files of the religious institution that took her in as a child and finally gets to know the names of her parents. At that very moment, she decides to quit her position with an NGO and defines her mission in life: to track down her family and their whereabouts.  To that effect, and on that same day, she turns up at "Faina Norte” ("Northern Fisheries”), the cod fishery that once belonged to Alvaro, her father. But Rita cannot imagine how close she now is to who assassinated her father and also that her mother, LUÍSA - deeply disturbed by the murder of her husband and knowing who killed him – was forced to flee with KIKO, her baby child.

SARA and FERNANDO are now married and at the head of Faina Norte, and Rita’s arrival at the scene throws their lives in turmoil.  Sara and Fernando fell in love with one another when they were still teenagers, and it was them who planned and executed Rita’s father’s murder some twenty years earlier – but things did not work out exactly as planned. Sara’s husband, Nuno, did not die and his business partner, Álvaro, ended up becoming an unplanned and unsuspecting victim of the plot. Rita’s return puts at risk everything that Sara values most in life: her children and the company. And this makes her bent on preventing Rita from finding her mother and getting to know the truth about her father’s death.   

Rita’s mother, Luísa, now works at the Goulart Tea Company plantation, in the São Miguel Island of the Azores Archipelago. She has been living there under a false identity in the hope of never again having to come to grips with what she left behind in continental Portugal – but she may well be a lot closer to the man who killed her husband than she could possibly imagine.

Twenty years earlier, Fernando was about to marry CARMO, the daughter of the Goulart Tea Company owners, but ended up deserting her at the altar to be with Sara. Carmo’s predicament left an indelible mark on the Goulart family, since she was pregnant by Fernando and her parents decided to take up parental responsibility for the child.

Much to Sara’s desperation, Rita is reunited with her youngest son with Nuno, ANTÓNIO. Rita and António rekindle their childhood relationship and fall deeply in love with one another – a love that is all consuming and will always have the upper hand in their lives. 

Rita’s reunion with her mother is also unavoidable, but both have deep scars from the past to be confronted. Luísa will have to forgive herself and Rita will have to come to terms with her past.

Water Mirror is a telenovela indelibly defined by images of the ocean and cod fishing, with our characters moving between locations such as Ílhavo, Aveiro, The Azores, Norway and Iceland.   

Water Mirror i
s a highly-charged drama, where the story of someone who lost everything yet faces the future with the strength and determination to fight to the end unfolds. 


300 Ep. x 40'






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