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AMIGOS DO CHEF is back for a 2nd season

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AMIGOS DO CHEF is back for a 2nd season

After the success of the first season of Amigos do Chef, the Casa & Cozinha channel is back to bet on this format, produced by SP Entertainment, to premiere another season in November.

The first four episodes are already available on the Casa & Cozinha channel and feature some familiar faces, such as Carolina Deslandes, Inês Lopes Gonçalves, António Raminhos and Jorge Mourato. Beatriz Gosta, Luana do Bem, and Inês Castel-Branco are other names that will challenge the chef's creativity and originality, and that we will be able to see wearing an apron.

The initial concept of the program has been kept, in which Chef Chakall receives friends in his kitchen, who are responsible for bringing three ingredients of their choice: one that they love, one that they don't like at all, and, finally, one that they have never tasted. Faced with this challenge, Chakall will have to come up with two recipes, be they starters, main courses, or desserts. Still, with new guests, there are also different challenges and recipes.

This program, targeted to food lovers, which provided us with a lot of fun and recipes out of the box in its first season, continues to fulfill its purpose. As Chef Chakall would say "Friends friends, recipes aside".

Every Thursday, at 9:30 PM, exclusively on the Casa & Cozinha channel, a double episode is broadcast, with about 30 minutes each.


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