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FOR YOU a winning premiere

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FOR YOU premiere with a win

The story of the forbidden love between the main characters, Lourenço Ortigão and Filipa Areosa, premiered yesterday, March 7th, in SIC has conquered the public and won the audiences of this day in Portuguese television.

The telenovela For You, tells us the story of two rival villages which rivalry will be emphasized by the threat of a dam construction. This is the basis of our story but it also approaches several issues such as sustainability, the migration from the big cities to the small villages to prevent their desertification, the dilemma between the traditional and innovation, are some topics that dominates this plot written by Alexandre Castro.

The cast also includes other well-known names as Diogo Amaral, Alexandra Lencastre, João Reis, Raquel Tavares, Rui Melo, Diogo Martins, Dalila Carmo, João Baptista, Sandra Faleiro, Luís Esparteiro, Maria Emília Correia, Duarte Gomes, Dânia Neto, Jorge Corrula, Paula Lobo Antunes, Bruno Cabrerizo, José Raposo, Matilde Reymão, Carlos Areia, João Maria Pinto, Bárbara Lourenço, Mafalda Vilhena, Paula Magalhães, Rita Blanco, Fernando Luís, Beatriz Frazão, Francisca Salgado, Simão Fumega, Jorge Mourato, among others.

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