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Interview to Jorge Marecos, Administrator SPTV

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Interview to Jorge Marecos, Administrator SPTV

This year SPTV celebrates its 15th year of activity. How do you see the company evolution thru these years?

In my opinion the evolution has been fantastic. We’ve reached such a dimension inside the national audiovisual market and that is notable.

We have a quite solid dimension with a large expression in the market. We are probably the biggest independent and private production Portuguese company, so we are very eager with this result.

If someone asked you 15 years ago where SPTV would stand nowadays, what would you say?

It’s impossible making plans to 15 years, especially in this activity in this country and under these circumstances.

But I’m very proud to belong to this company so dynamic, composed by several people, with large goals and so common effort and work. It’s a pleasure being here every day and making part of all of this, it is quite extraordinary.

But this audiovisual market is always in a constant evolution…

If we want to grow, we have to live inside the change, we need to have that spirit in the technique, the script and also in the production of the projects.

SPTV is a content company and theoretically the content essence is always the same, telling stories to entertain, but we know the way that we tell our stories has to be in a constant evolution, knowing that the public also suffers these changes and are getting more exigent.

This evolution that you’ve mentioned has exceeded your expectations thru these 15 years?

 Has I said you don’t make plans for 15 years, that is why you don’t create expectations too.

Looking back, I think there is a good path that has been made which give us more strength to believe that the next 15 years will be even better.

The success makes with the right persons and more than this are those who live this industry with passion. Would you like to say some words to all the professionals that are a part of the SPTV family?

Being a content company, those contents only materialize and succeed because of our talent. So, I can say that SPTV is a talent aggregator company because if we want to get those contents even far, we have to work with the best professionals of this industry.

I believe that we can only prosper if we work with people that love their job. SPTV is an excellency company because of the huge talented professionals in its several areas. All of us have a common goal, that is why without professionals that moves themselves by passion we won’t achieve anything.

How do you describe the importance of our partners and clients for SPTV evolution?

If we didn’t have partners and clients we won’t exist. As our client evolves, we also grow to correspond to their needs and together touch the public.

Which important moments do you remember over these 15 years?

I remember every moment, particularly the successes that we’ve accomplished and also the failures. I think the failures allow us to learn more quickly than the successes. And when I mention unsuccess I’m only referring to results that we wished would be better than they was in the reality.

How is the future?

SPTV has to keep on its work to produce projects that continue to have the public preference. Which means, maintain the capacity that we have telling good stories in an attractive way to grab the audience choose.

And this is valid for the national market as well for the international. Obviously, we have the awareness that nowadays an audiovisual producer to survive has necessarily to make an excellent path in the international market.

How do you see SPTV in the next 15 years?

Without making plans for a long term, we’ll want to produce for our market and for the entire world with the capacity to include international quality in all our projects.

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