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Recordings of AFTER PARTY 2 have already started

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Recordings of AFTER PARTY 2 have already started

After the success that was the first season, today, August 22, the recording of After Party 2 has started, a SPi production for FOX Mundo channel. The main character is the same as always: Gilmário Vemba.

The starting point for this humorous series is precisely to know what happens in the lives of the characters of O Bar do Gilmário after it closes its doors every night. Throughout 17 episodes we will get to know the lives of Artur, the cheating manager; Ana, the aspiring actress, in love with Gilmário; Mel, the influencer obsessed with money and social networks; Kapuka, the bartender who consumes more than the customers; and Kota Domingos, the old man who does everything and is everyone's advisor.

After Party 2 has a fixed cast composed of Gilmário Vemba, Ciomara Morais, Sabri Lucas, Érica Chissapa and Anilson Eugenio and will still be able to with some very famous customers of the bar.

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