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SALTY SEA to premiere in Mexico in 2023

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SALTY SEA to premiere in Mexico in 2023

Produced by SP Televisão, Salty Sea will be adapted by Televisa, one of the biggest Mexican media groups, and is scheduled to premiere next year. The adaptation of this Portuguese telenovela, written by Ines Gomes, will be directed by Juan Osorio, one of Televisa's best producers, and will be entitled El Amor Invencible. The protagonists to live this dramatic love story are also already chosen and are Angelique Boyer y a Danilo Carrera.

Broadcast on SIC between 2014 and 2015, and having actors Margarida Vila Nova, José Fidalgo, Joana Santos and Ricardo Pereira in the main roles, Salty Sea tells the story of Leonor who, at 16, falls in love with Gonçalo, 23, a famous motorbike racer. The two end up getting involved and she gets pregnant, but soon realises that he will never accept being a father, so she hides her pregnancy. Nine months later, the girl's father finds out and demands that the rider assumes his responsibilities, threatening to report him to the police because his daughter is a minor. Gonçalo, afraid that such a scandal will drive away his sponsors, asks a doctor friend for help and entices Patrícia, Leonor's best friend, to help him take this baby away from its mother.

Having been distinguished internationally with the Intermedia-Globe Gold Award at the 18th World Media Festival and the Bronze Medal at the 5th New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards, Salty Sea thus constituted an important milestone in the history of Portuguese fiction.

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