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The recording sessions of CODEX 632 have started

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The recording sessions of CODEX 632 have started

Lisbon was today, 11 July, the scene of the first day of recordings of CODEX 632. Inspired by the book written by journalist José Rodrigues dos Santos, the series is adapted by Pedro Lopes and co-produced by SPi, RTP and Globoplay.

Made up of six episodes, CODEX 632 focuses on the enigmatic message found among the papers that an old historian had left in Rio de Janeiro before dying. Tomás de Noronha, played by actor Paulo Pires, a history professor at Lisbon's Universidade Nova and an expert in cryptanalysis and ancient languages, is hired to decode this strange cipher. But the mystery proves to be beyond his imagination, unexpectedly launching him on the trail of the most closely guarded secret of the Discoveries: the true identity and mission of Christopher Columbus.

CODEX 632, which will be recorded between Portugal and Brazil, with Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro as its sets, will bring together some of the best Portuguese and Brazilian actors and actresses in the same production.

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