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WILD LAND "ventures" into Canada

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WILD LAND "ventures" into Canada

After its success in our country, Wild Land has now arrived in Canada, when it premiered on the OMNI channel, Rogers Media group, where it is broadcast from Monday to Friday, at 3pm local time. This same channel has already broadcast other telenovelas produced by SP Televisão, which have been very successful, such as Heart of Gold, Living Passion, More Than Love, Tangled Lives and Water Mirror.

Produced by SP Televisão, and broadcast on SIC between 2019 and 2021, Wild Land stars Mariana Monteiro and João Catarré, who live a story of love and revenge. Diogo (João Catarré), a decorated military man whose real name is Rodrigo, spends his life planning what is the great mission of his life: to take revenge on the woman responsible for his kidnapping as a child and the destruction of his family. When he discovers that this woman is Eduarda (Maria João Luís), he returns to Vila Brava, his hometown, but falls in love with her daughter, Beatriz (Mariana Monteiro), with whom he had a friendly relationship as a child. Beatriz is married to Tiago (Renato Godinho), the military man's biological brother and the only family he has left.

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