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Adaptation of SALTY SEA leads audiences in Mexico

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Adaptation of SALTY SEA leads audiences in Mexico

An original story by Inês Gomes, produced by SP Televisão and SIC, arrived in Mexico, with the name of El Amor Invencible and delivered what it promised: to be a television success and to conquer the leadership in the audiences.

The first episode of this adaptation, by Juan Osorio, was broadcasted in Las Estrellas channel and was the most watched telenovela in prime time, with 11.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen IBOPE Mexico. It should be noted, that the first episode beaten the competition by 103%. TV Televisiva will bet on the Mexican adaptation of Salty Sea and, therefore, El Amor Invencible will be broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 9:30pm.

We recall that the premiere of Salty Sea in Portugal, in 2014, was a success, and that easily translated into the international awards it won, including the Intermedia-Globe Gold Award at the World Media Festival and the Bronze Medal at the New York International TV & Film Awards.

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