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Gonçalo Ícaro and Inês Seco win casting for the OS ELEITOS series

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Gonçalo Ícaro and Inês Seco win casting for the OS ELEITOS series

Gonçalo Ícaro and Inês Seco were the winners of the casting for the series OS ELEITOS, organized by SP Televisão for OPTO.

The casting, directed by the actor and casting director, Rui M. Silva, along with the artistic director, Adriano Luz, whose face-to-face sessions took place between October 23 and 25, selected 50 candidates from the first phase, out of 800 initial candidates.

Gonçalo Santos Ferreira, who goes by the stage name Gonçalo Ícaro, 25, has a degree in Theater and a professional course in Performing Arts and Acting, and has taken part in several short films.

Inês Seco, who has a degree in Social Communication and is a TV and Radio presenter, has appeared in the soap opera Meu Amor (2010/11) and the series Morangos com Açúcar.

The series OS ELEITOS, developed by Alexandre Castro, tells the story of a group of young athletes who attend a High Performance Center, a veritable factory of champions, where they can become some of the best in the world.

However, they are different from each other, with a greater or lesser spirit of sacrifice to achieve their dream of winning a gold medal.

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