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MOTEL VALKIRIAS: A premiere across borders

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MOTEL VALKIRIAS: A premiere across borders

On February 27, the cast of Motel Valkirias arrived at the homes of the Portuguese to leave them stuck to the screen, broadcast on RTP1 and on RTP Play.

Marina Mota, Maria João Bastos and Maria Mera come together to give life to three women who only have several economic and personal problems in common. Our main characters cross paths at the Valkirias Motel - on the border between Spain and Portugal - when, in self-defense, they kill Elixio (Miro Magarinos), a motel client who is transporting very valuable merchandise. So Lucía (Maria Mera), a single mother on the run from her ex-husband, Eva (Maria João Bastos), a declining actress, and Carolina (Marina Mota), the owner of the motel that is in bankruptcy, come together in a plan that consists in disposing of the corpse and finding the mysterious merchandise. What they don't know (and will find out the hard way...) is that this merchandise belongs to a dangerous mafia, capable of anything to get it back.

The series is composed of 8 episodes lasting 50 minutes. RTP1 will broadcast a new episode every Monday at 10:40 pm until March 17. However, we remind you that you can watch all the episodes on RTPlay, where a new episode is also available every Monday, at 12:00 PM.

MOTEL VALKIRIAS will be available on HBO Max (Spain and Portugal) as of March 1st, and will premiere on Televisión de Galicia on March 6th.


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