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Premiere of TIMELESS LOVE conquers leadership

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Premiere of TIMELESS LOVE conquers leadership

It was last night, January 30th, that the cast of TIMELESS LOVE, the most recent telenovela produced by SP Televisão, got together at SIC, in Paço d'Arcos, to watch the premiere of what is already a story that promises to catch the portuguese on screen, or it would not have been the undisputed leader of prime time audiences, with 21.4% share.

In addition to Bárbara Branco and Francisco Froes, who star in a beautiful love story that will be the talk of the town in this telenovela written by Inês Gomes, also present at the viewing of the 1st episode were the actors Maria João Bastos, Albano Jerónimo, Marina Mota, Luís Esparteiro, Luísa Cruz, José Wallenstein, Rita Blanco, Custódia Gallego, Gonçalo Diniz, Rita Ribeiro, Diogo Amaral, Joana Santos, Sandra Barata Belo, Jorge Corrula, Cristiana Homem de Mello, Débora Monteiro, Luís Ganito, Dânia Neto, Joana Aguiar, Diogo Valsassina, Bruna Quintas, Vítor Silva Costa, Mariana Cardoso, Lara Chelinho and Bia Wong.

Jorge Marecos and Duarte Galhardas, from the Board of Directors of SP Televisão, Adriano Luz, Artistic Director of SP Televisão, as well as Daniel Oliveira, Daniel Cruzeiro and Mónica Balsemão, from SIC, were also present at the premiere of TIMELESS LOVE.

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