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SPTV projects nominated at Globos de Ouro

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SPTV projects nominated at Globos de Ouro

Yesterday, the 80 nominees for the 2023 Globos de Ouro were announced, in which are included 5 nominations from the SPTV group.

The Motel Valkirias series, a co-production between SPi and the Spanish producer CTV, is nominated for the Best Project in Fiction category.

In Best Actress in Fiction category, we have 3 candidates, Sara Matos for her interpretation of the three twins in Sangue Oculto, Bárbara Branco for her protagonist role in Flor Sem Tempo and Marina Mota that brings to life Carolina in Motel Valkirias series.

Still in the Best Actor in Fiction category, Miguel Raposo is nominated for his character Rui in Da Mood series.

The winners will be known in the 27th gala of the Globos de Ouro, that will happen on October 1, at Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon.

Until there is possible to keep up daily with the telenovelas Sangue Oculto and Flor Sem Tempo at SIC, the Motel Valkirias series at RTP Play and HBO Max and watch or rewatch Da Mood series, also at RTP Play.