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Premiere of the Mexican adaptation of BLOOD TIES

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Premiere of the Mexican adaptation of BLOOD TIES

On January 29th, the Mexican adaptation of the telenovela Blood Ties, produced by SP Televisão, will premiere. In Mexico, the telenovela which premieres on the Las Estrellas channel, was produced by Televisa Univision and it will be called Vivir de Amor.

Vivir de Amor is Salvador Mejía's new telenovela, starring Kimberly Dos Ramos, Gala Montes and Emmanuel Palomares, where the opposition of values between jealousy and love will battle it out.

"The story is originally Portuguese, but we've tropicalized it. It's a Portuguese series turned into a telenovela, adapted to Mexican and Latin American culture," said Salvador Mejía.

For more information on Vivir de Amor click here.

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