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Wardrobe and Props

Wardrobe and Props

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Wardrobe and Props


SP Televisão has the largest wardrobe collection in the Portuguese audiovisual industry, including period clothing. The area allocated to wardrobe storage totals 725m2, between two support warehouses and three support bases allocated to Studios 1, 2 and 5, bringing together a total of 65,000 pieces in costumes and accessories.

The contemporary wardrobe warehouse has 200m2 and the period warehouse, which covers approximately the period from 1960 to 1990, has 350m2. The latter has about 12 thousand pieces of clothing, some of which have already been used in past productions in the 1940s. As far as shoes are concerned, there are approximately 1500 pairs of shoes, from children to number 45.

SP Televisão also has a very diversified collection of uniforms, from hospital uniforms to military and security forces uniforms. Also of note is the collection of evening dresses and wedding dresses, as well as some "pearls" of Portuguese tailoring, which include three-piece suits by Rosa & Teixeira, which are over 50 years old.

To complement the wardrobe collection there is also a sewing office, staffed by experienced tailors, which allows SP Televisão to create all types of clothing and textile decoration from scratch.


SP Televisão has a warehouse of 1500 m2, with around six thousand props, not counting books, crockery and cutlery, which can be used to decorate practically any set environment, from hospitals, courts, schools, barbershops, gymnasiums, among many others.

Props are essential and indispensable in any television production, giving realism to the scenery and often having a preponderant role in the story being told, as they contribute to the creation of the visual environment. As such, SP Televisão has a collection of props from 1960 to the present day. In the more dated pieces, there are iconic copies of desks, household appliances, record players, and many other props.

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