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SP TELEVISÃO: The adventure of internationalisation

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SP TELEVISÃO: The adventure of internationalisation

With over 120 contents sold in more than three dozen countries, with 130 national and international awards and nominations, and an EMMY won in 2011, SP Televisão has grown far beyond Portugal's borders.

In 2017 SP international is created, a need created by the affirmation of the production company in the international market. At the same time, in the same year Santa Rita Filmes was also created, a production company of the SP group dedicated to the production of films, series and documentaries.

The year 2020, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, definitively marks the character of the company, its resilience and the spirit of sacrifice of its workers. So it is in the middle of the pandemic, with all the limitations associated with it, that the recording of the series Gloria for Netflix begins, the first to be shown by that global platform, produced by SPi, constituting another milestone in Portuguese fiction.

SP Televisão's short, 15-year history contrasts with the quantity, quality and diversity of its production, the rapid conquest of the national market and the safe entry into the international market.

The "feeling of restlessness and the need to do something", the justification for the creation of SP expressed by one of its founders, António Parente, grew and bore fruit.

15 years later, SP Televisão continues to surprise and justify its motto:

"We write stories, create lives and thrill those who share them with us on screen".

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