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THE SECRET premieres on Septembre 19th

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THE SECRET premieres on Septembre 19th

Two months after the start of recording of the next telenovela produced by SP Televisão, SIC announced this week its premiere date. Next Monday, September 19th, viewers will be able to watch the first images of Carolina and Benedita, the twins played by actress Sara Matos, in the telenovela The Secret.

The story begins in 1992, when Vanda (Luana Piovani) discovers that Teresa (Sofia Alves), the maid, is pregnant with twins by her husband Olavo (António Pedro Cerdeira) and steals his daughters from him. Teresa manages to get Carolina (Sara Matos), one of the babies, back and flees to London. The other twin, Benedita (Sara Matos), ends up being raised by the villain.

Thirty years later, Teresa returns from England due to a family problem and brings with her Carolina and her daughter Anna (Maria Marques). Teresa and Carolina find themselves involved in a chaotic bus accident which takes them to Luís de Camões hospital and it is here that the young nurse faces the two moments which will change the course of her story: the first is when Tiago (João Catarré), a perfect stranger kisses her, and the second is when she is confronted, face to face, with her twin sister. After crossing paths, the two sisters will pursue the truth about the past and it brings an avalanche of revelations, including the biggest secret of this story written by Sandra Santos.

Apart from Sara Matos, Sofia Alves, Luana Piovani, João Catarré and António Pedro Cerdeira, the cast of The Secret also includes actors such as Júlia Palha, Mariana Pacheco, Marcantonio Del Carlo, Guilherme Moura, João Gadelha, Ana Marta Ferreira, Manuela Couto, Carla Andrino, João Jesus, Filipe Matos, Lia Gama, Virgílio Castelo, Cristóvão Campos and Rui Unas. The theme of the generic song was in charge of the band GNR, with the same name as the telenovela.

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