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AO LARGO, the new SP Televisão production for RTP, will cheer up your nights from Monday to Friday

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AO LARGO, the new SP Televisão production for RTP, will cheer up your nights from Monday to Friday

The dramatic comedy series AO LARGO that premiered last July 31 in prime time on RTP promises in a light and relaxed way, to bring relevant themes from society.

The fates of a family from a small community are in the hands of a mother in escape and a father in trouble that have everything to be apart from each other, but the love will unit them”, can be read in the script for the presentation of the 13 episodes series produced by SP Televisão.

The story unfolds from the odyssey of Leonor (Mikaela Lupu), who runs away from a criminal she worked with, having her life in danger, and who ends up by crossing paths with André (Renato Godinho) when in the run, she hides in his truck on a trip between Matosinhos and Lisbon.

André who lives alone with 4 children, is at risk of losing the business he inherited from his parents, full of debts and, therefore, also at risk of losing his children.

The series, addressing topics such as single-parent families and parenting itself, will treat them with humor but also more seriously when needed.

The center of the story is a Largo where a small community lives, a microcosm within the big city (the filming took place in Campo de Santa Clara, Lisbon).

The actor Renato Godinho revealed to the website Espalha-Factos that his character “Has a very fluid relationship with the opposite sex”. The actor describes him as "a Brazilian, a carioca surfer, full of problems but as long as he has a coconut water and the national team plays, everything is fine."

About the construction of the family nucleus, the actor highlights the director's sensitivity, Hugo Xavier: “He realized right away that there had to be a rehearsal process for creating these family dynamics”. From walks in the Zoo, to rehearsals in Largo de Santa Clara, everything contributed to creating a "family truth" that the actor found interesting and fundamental to the success of the story. “If I was at that home, I have to believe that these 5 people are really family”, still added Espalha – Factos.

José Fragoso, Program Director of RTP, told the website Espalha-Factos about the story:

There will be attempts of buying, there will be people that are going to try to bribe other people, there will be corruption. All those phenomes we know and that will be treated from this Largo (Largo de Santa Clara, em Lisboa), give the name to the series. "This is a topic that we haven't dealt with in any of our series. It is a project that interests because it is completely modern and adapted to what is the current and urban reality".

The series, directed by Hugo Xavier, also features Sandra Faleiro, Heitor Lourenço, Carlos Malvarez, Joaquim Monchique, Aldo Lima, Ângelo Tores, and others.


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