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Coming soon: TIMELESS LOVE, a story of love and power struggles

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Coming soon: TIMELESS LOVE, a story of love and power struggles

Catarina (Bárbara Branco) gets out of prison determined to find her mother, Leonor (Maria João Bastos), who disappeared while she was serving time. While looking for her, she falls madly in love with Vasco (Francisco Froes), unaware that he belongs to the powerful Torres family, responsible for Leonor's mysterious absence. Is Catarina and Vasco's love stronger than the truth?

Catarina's family, on the other hand, is a troublemaker. The Valente's are a humble and rotten family , they live by scams and petty theft, with Catarina trying to stop them from committing crimes and getting caught up in the mess they make. While she tries to organize her family life, raise and protect her younger sister, her father is always in trouble.

The story of SP Televisão's new production will center on Catarina and Vasco's passion, the search for Leonor, the confusions of the Valente family, and the secrets and wars of the Torres, a family in which everyone confronts and betrays each other for more power.

The two main characters, Bárbara Branco and Francisco Froes, are joined by big names in the acting industry, such as Rita Blanco, Luís Esparteiro, Alexandra Lencastre, Rui Morisson, Cristina Homem de Mello, Albano Jerónimo, Diogo Amaral, Débora Monteiro, among many other familiar faces.


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