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LEADING ROLE is the new telenovela produced by SP Televisão for SIC

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LEADING ROLE is the new telenovela produced by SP Televisão for SIC

SP Televisão started about a month ago the recordings of the new telenovela for SIC, LEADING ROLE, with a luxury cast and a plot that promises to arrest the public from the first episode, scheduled for release in early September.

Carolina Carvalho, Margarida Vila Nova, Ângelo Rodrigues and José Mata are the protagonists, in a cast that also includes the returns to the SIC fiction of Marco d'Almeida and Victoria Guerra.

The telenovela, written by Ana Casaca, "wants to portray a universe that means a lot to the Portuguese public, which has to do with representation, with the Portuguese musical theatre, with comedy", recently unveiled the general director of entertainment of the Impresa group, Daniel Oliveira, in the presentation to journalists of SIC's summer grid.

The plot centers on the story of a successful actress and her rival who will do anything to steal her career.

In the new telenovela, coordinated by Jorge Cardoso and directed by Francisco Barbosa, "the innovation factor will be present", added Daniel Oliveira. "It has to do with the way it will be made, produced and exhibited, which is different from everything that has ever been done. There will be a set of assumptions, which have never been made in Portugal", he concluded.

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